Friday, January 16, 2015

The Beast. My Beast.

I really like thrift stores. And yard sales, but moreso thrift stores. Yard sales are too much of an all-day thing, and when I have two little boys who are semi-patiently sitting/whining in the back seat just wishing I would have let them stay home with Daddy and shoot cicadas with their BB guns in the back yard... well, it sucks for them! This is why I love thrift stores more. Same place. Same time. New stuff every week. It's like a perma-yard sale. And the kids know RIGHT where the cars and couches are. They snag a toy car, plop on a random sofa, and just answer when I ask if they're doin' okay. They can handle that!

So my sense of style is weird, guys. I don't even think I can give it a title. Eclectic? Hoarder? I just like what I like. I'm serious. Military stuff, paisley print, metal and wood, chipping paint, anything colorful, and vintage. Legit vintage.

And then there's my friend, Gina, at Ladygoats. She has vision, structure, class, and overall, her house is SO pretty! She doesn't think so, and will probably laugh at that, but I think she's 100% awesome. She's still a thrifter, though, and she finds the best stuff!

And then I send her photos like this, and all she can say is, "that's so you."

See? I live in my own little world of un-design. And it's a mismatched, style-clashing world of non-coordinating, yet brilliant colors.
I will not apologize! But yes, I'm weird. And you want to know what my weirdness brought home the other day? 

This beast:

This thing is huge and heavy. Its almost six feet wide, two feet deep, and hip-height. She's solid oak and was a solid $22. I'm sorry, who in their right mind who needed something to hold up the television wouldn't buy this? Come on. The paint itself cost more. Seriously. 

So we brought her home and I took her doors off.

Then, the stripping began. You guys, I stripped all weekend, its exhausting work! *Snort* (Yes, I'm ten).

Once she was stripped and sanded, I got the first couple of coats of paint on her. I chose the happiest color I could think of, and it ended up being Glidden Duo's "Buttered Sweet Corn." 

But because the wood was stripped, it was drinking up the paint pretty quickly, even though it was a 2-in-1 paint and primer. I'll save you the hassle, it honestly didn't make a difference. I paid extra for something with no better coverage than normal paint. But I digress. 

2,370 coats of paint and three weekends later (those dang doors!), et voilĂ  - she's finally totally YELLOW! *Happy dance!*

The only thing I have left to do is level her out. It's not her fault, our rental's floors are uneven and she's an old lady. Maybe I could call my homie Gina to help me figure out if its only the floor's fault. Either way, when I finally remember to do it, I'm attach some adjustable feet (or potentially casters) to level her out so the doors all open easily. Whatever, she does her job! Not only does she hold our ridiculously huge TV at eye-level, but she hides the majority of the vast collection of movies ... and old college textbooks that I can't bear to part with (probably because they remind me that I'm actually ejuhmuhcated).

So what kinda money are we looking' at here, folks?

Furniture piece: $22.00
Paint/primer/disappointment: $26.15
Paintbrush: $4.57
Roller handle with 3 extra rollers: $ 8.66
Acetone: $4.00
Stripper (teehee): +/- $10
Time: four weekends and a couple ambitious Tuesday evenings

Total: $75.38
(not including casters and missing screw!)

How much do you think a solid oak credenza would normally cost? What about a YELLOW one?!

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