Friday, August 10, 2012

Tips for Cooking Beans

You may not think beans are important, but I do. Why? Well, I'm married to a Mexican dude. Why else? Because they're the best filler possibly ever.

Sometimes we just eat them with tortillas and pickled jalapeƱos. We eat them with eggs, we eat them with chorizo or longaniza, we eat them on baked potatoes, and of course, in burritos! Beans are pretty important to our family, so that's why I felt it publish-worthy.

Now, I suppose we could just go buy a can of refried beans at the store, right? Sorry, no. I don't even know what is in those things. And honestly, bulk beans can cost as little as 12 cents a pound through co-ops or warehouse stores. From the regular grocery store, I get beans for about 79 cents/lb in the bulk section. No preservatives included, thankyouverymuch!

So we all know we have to soak beans before we cook them, right? I didn't. My mother-in-law always just rinsed them off, threw them in a pot after some fried onions, then filled the pot with water and added salt right then and there. Then they had to cook for like 5-7 hours. I'm sure its listed somewhere on the Internet, or in possibly every cookbook including how to cook beans, but I'll list my bean-cooking tips here, in case you like to make things difficult, as I do!