Friday, January 16, 2015

The Beast. My Beast.

I really like thrift stores. And yard sales, but moreso thrift stores. Yard sales are too much of an all-day thing, and when I have two little boys who are semi-patiently sitting/whining in the back seat just wishing I would have let them stay home with Daddy and shoot cicadas with their BB guns in the back yard... well, it sucks for them! This is why I love thrift stores more. Same place. Same time. New stuff every week. It's like a perma-yard sale. And the kids know RIGHT where the cars and couches are. They snag a toy car, plop on a random sofa, and just answer when I ask if they're doin' okay. They can handle that!

So my sense of style is weird, guys. I don't even think I can give it a title. Eclectic? Hoarder? I just like what I like. I'm serious. Military stuff, paisley print, metal and wood, chipping paint, anything colorful, and vintage. Legit vintage.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Step Back, Love What We've Got.

Happy New Year, friends!

I hope your holidays were as wonderful as ours were. We took the kids on an old-fashioned train, saw Santa multiple times, got to snuggle with my squishy, chubby, gorgeous baby niece, played with firecrackers, saw my out-of-this-world grandparents, my hilarious cousins, my in-laws, my dad, and my aunt and uncle. I even was able to socialize with some lovely ladies for an evening! Whaaaat?!

Not only that, but our town has seen its first snowman-yielding snow in over two years, so my boys' Christmas wish is 100% granted. Two snowmen and hours of sledding later, I have some happy, happy boys.

Back in the kitchen, I made about 247 batches of tamales (one of which I lovingly shared with you on Facebook!), roughly four dozen cookies, and have a chocolate & peanut butter pie chilling in fridge at the moment.

These past two weeks, I have been busting my butt to keep the house clean, cooking and baking like my life depended on it, traveling to and from far-away lands, and whipping up ideas to keep the kids entertained. Yet here I sit, with four more days left of freedom from work, and I feel like nothing has really been accomplished. I haven't finished a single book. I haven't edited any photos for the blog- much less written anything! I haven't made a single batch of soap. I haven't sat with the kids to paint a single finger painting!