Essential Oils

I take great satisfaction in knowing exactly what is in whatever goes in or on my family's bodies. With that being said, I chose to invest a little time, effort, and research into my family's wellness through the use of doTERRA essential oils.

Instead of purchasing certain products, I prefer to make them. I like to make vapor rub for the sniffly winter months. Each of my family members has a personal jar of Shea butter with their favorite essential oils mixed in - this replaces commercially-produced and chemical-laden lotions. I make my own face cleanser, body scrub, toothpaste, insect repellent, produce wash, all-purpose cleaner, and glass cleaner with basic, natural ingredients. This is one of the books I find the most helpful when getting started with all-natural conversions.

I'd been using essential oils from local farmers and natural grocers, but as my research continued, I soon discovered how sensitive oils are, and the negative effects that occur when improperly extracted got me thinking. (For instance - olive oil has a low smoke point. If you cook it at too high of a heat, it begins to smoke. If oil is smoking, it generates free radicals. Why don't we like free radicals? They mess with your DNA). Since I used oil every day not only in my cooking, but on our skin on a daily basis, I researched further, and found out that there are only a couple of brands that are truly top-of-the-line, 100% guaranteed to be awesome. One of those brands? doTERRA.

Why doTERRA?

Here's my main deal. Essential oils can be considered 100% "pure" by the FDA as long as they contain 51% essential oil. Which means they can contain 49% of carrier or other oils. doTERRA sends their oils out to be tested for purity. While that sounds like a bunch of crap, it's not - "tested for purity" means that the third party tests to make sure there is no other oil contaminating the literally 100% pure essential oil from doTERRA.

Why do I even care about purity? Well, I use essential oils for a lot of things - as I've mentioned. Essential oils are pretty expensive, and I go through them quickly. I have to use a good amount of them. When I use doTERRA essential oils, a few drops go a long way. I get to use less because they actually are pure. Sweet deal.

Interested? Me too. 

**Just a note - you get discounts for buying in bulk - check out the product packages. I know they seem expensive, but do what I did and list each item in that kit, price each item, then add it up. You'll see a difference!

You have a few options for purchase:

1. Buy in retail directly from my website. This way, you will pay full retail price, but if you only need a little lavender oil to throw in the bath tub from time to time, this may be your best option.

2. Sign up as a preferred member. You pay a one-time fee of $10 for a lifetime membership as a Preferred Member to doTERRA. You also receive 20% off for the rest of forever, and do not have a monthly order requirement so you can order as much (or little) as your heart desires!

3. Jump on board as a Wellness Advocate. By doing this, you get to be my business partner! The annual membership is $35, and you receive a 25% discount on every purchase all year long. You have the opportunity (but not the obligation!) to make commissions and and bonuses, but best of all, you gain access to the tools and information on how to properly use the safest, most potent, and highest-quality essential oil products on the market!

Have any questions? Feel free to contact me ANY time!

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