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Any link to an Amazon.com product that is linked on this site is part of the Amazon affiliate program. If you click on that link and purchase that product within a certain amount of time, I will make roughly 4% of whatever the purchase price was.  The official disclaimer is listed on the bottom of the blog page. The product prices are not inflated so that I gain income. This is merely a way for me to earn a little money to put toward a home that doesn't have a landlord attached to it!

My photography is pretty terrible. I also get carried away with filters, sometimes. My photo editing skills are minimal, and they are really based on whatever I think looks pretty that day... and half the time, the photos are taken with my phone because my camera's battery died or a small person in my home has broken something on the camera. Please understand that I'm not trying to claim I am a professional photographer! I am merely trying to photographically document my little adventures to the best of my ability. If you can produce professional-level photography, I have nothing but respect for you!

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